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Project Description


Project WELLy: Introducing the Job Profile of a Manager for Work Well-being to Prevent and Combat Work-related Stress, addresses the impact of the physical and psychosocial work environment on the health and well-being of employees.

Over the last decade, the literature exploring link between management behaviour and employee well-being has grown dramatically and the consistent message is that the way employees are managed is a key determinant of their health and well-being (Skakon et al 2010, Kelloway and Barling 2010).

For this reason, it’s necessary mapping competencies that a manager should own to be able to implement a correct approach for preventing and reducing stress at work.

This is what the WELLy project is doing and, having identified the management competencies needed for engendering employee engagement, health and well-being, the challenge is to support managers to develop these competencies and use them in their people management approach.

Project implementation period

1 September 2019 – 31 August 2022

Project number



 As overall result, the project elaborates the new job profile for WWM from a societal as well as from a firm’s perspective. From the firm’s perspective, lower work-related stress improves productivity and reduces turnover. From the societal perspective, the proportion of economically unproductive to productive times during a person’s lifetime is improved by reducing times of sickness, unemployment, and/or early retirement